Love and Respect Marriage Class

If you’re married or plan to be in the future, the relationship with your spouse is one of the most important and enduring that you’ll ever have. Outside of your relationship with Almighty God, it’s the relationship that most impacts the quality of your life! If Satan wants to attack and destroy the family, what relationship is he going to attack? It’s the marriage relationship.

God created us to be together, but he also wired men and women differently. Those differences in how we are structured can lead to conflict in communication. What if you could learn a simple set of biblical concepts and tools that could help you vastly reduce the amount of conflict in your marriage? Wouldn’t that be of incredible value? And what if those same concepts and tools could optimize and strengthen your marriage by moving it from a 7 or 8 to a 10? What if you could experience God’s true intention for your marriage relationship by better understanding your spouse and their motivations? Join Jeff & Susan Richards as they facilitate this life changing class over 7 weeks. We’ll be watching and discussing DVD’s that were filmed live at a Love & Respect conference. The material is engaging and often funny. Sign-up on the church app, website or in the lobby at the Welcome Desk. We’re planning to start on Feb 21st or 28th. Workbooks will be available for $10 each. Singles are also welcome!


Feb 21 2024


7:00 pm

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